Banshi App


This project was done independently after a conversation with my mother about my sisters' struggles to wake up in the morning. They can sleep through anything, including radios on at full volume. She found that if you say their names, they wake up no matter what volume you're speaking at. However, there is not an alarm clock on the market that lets you record your own voice for you to wake up to. Banshi is unique, not only in that you can record your own voice and customize volume settings to wake even the heaviest sleeper. It also has the option of giving you tasks that you must complete before Banshi will shut her screaming mouth. The tasks are varied so that the user can't anticipate what they are required to do and are therefore less likely to fall back asleep. While this app is only a concept at the moment, I would be more than thrilled to see it come to life one day so that it may help my sisters and others that have a hard time waking up in the morning.


Banshi-Mockup1 copy.jpg